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Katie Roper

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Telehealth in Seniors Housing: Steps Operators Can Take Right Now to Protect Residents

By: Katie Roper  |  April 06, 2020

With the recent change in policy around Medicare reimbursement for telehealth services, and the escalating pace of the spread of the coronavirus, seniors housing operators can use support for telehealth as a way to keep residents healthy to maintain census, and also as a sales tool for future move-ins. As a follow-on to the NIC Spring Conference panel discussion on telehealth, experts shared their thoughts on specific steps seniors housing communities can take both during the COVID-19 emergency and also on an ongoing basis.

Senior Housing  |  healthcare  |  medicare  |  telemedicine

Telehealth Discussed at NIC Spring Conference

By: Katie Roper  |  March 24, 2020

Medicare just announced that it will − temporarily − reimburse for telehealth-provided services, opening an opportunity for seniors housing providers to provide residents with access to vital health services without exposing them to pathogens circulating at hospitals and clinics as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Senior Housing  |  healthcare  |  medicare

For Those Operators Who Are Integrating Health Care into their Operations, the Right Choice of Physician Partners is Important

By: Katie Roper  |  April 04, 2019

In the growing and evolving value-based health care world, “strategic upstream and downstream partnerships are vital for survival,” said Joseph Kiernan, chief strategy officer at Ocean Healthcare, at the recent NIC Spring Conference. Traditional health care providers such as hospitals, home health companies, and skilled nursing facilities have been building partnership networks for years. Seniors housing providers have typically been a lesser part of these networks, but many operators who attended the conference educational sessions are considering integrating health care services into their communities.

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Government in Health Care

By: Katie Roper  |  March 14, 2019

It was a constant refrain across many of the educational sessions at the NIC 2019 Spring Conference last month in San Diego: The government is going to get more involved in health care.