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By: Liz Liberman  |  September 07, 2016

A Career Aligned with Seniors Housing and Care’s Success

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The Honorable Mike Leavitt to Speak about a Rapidly Changing Industry

Former Utah Governor, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, current founder and chairman of Leavitt Partners . . . There’s no doubt that Mike Leavitt has an impressive history. But it’s not just his resume that makes his perspective on seniors housing and care unique and exciting. Leavitt’s career is chock-full of examples when he embodied the spirit of the industry, creating his own path through innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

And it’s precisely why he will serve as keynote speaker at Opening General Session next week at the 2016 NIC Fall Conference. With the industry changing at such an incredibly rapid pace, conference attendees will benefit greatly not only from his experience in understanding today’s landscape, but his insight into the future of the industry. It’s a session that seniors housing and skilled nursing capital providers and seekers alike cannot afford to miss.Mike_Leavitt_Headshot.jpg


Some of Leavitt’s greatest accomplishments, including the success of the Medicare Part D program implemented under his watch at HHS, are underscored by innovation. And innovation is key to an industry as dynamic as seniors housing and care. New care delivery models are being launched in a rapid-fire succession by CMS at skilled nursing providers, without anyone knowing precisely which ones will hit the mark. As CMS embraces innovation, so are some of the best providers.

Innovations in technology also are integral to the survival of the industry. Every day we are finding new ways to keep senior residents healthy and thriving; these advancements will be fundamental to giving seniors housing and care providers the cutting edge they need to stay competitive.


Innovation is key, but partnerships also are vital. New CMS rules are forcing healthcare providers to collaborate, breaking down the silos that traditionally separated acute care, post-acute care, and seniors housing. In his book Finding Allies, Building Alliances, Leavitt demonstrates his ability to achieve great things through collaboration. The seniors housing and care industry has much to learn from his prowess at building bridges.


The entrepreneurial spirit clearly runs through Leavitt’s veins. Not only did he found Leavitt Partners, a successful healthcare consulting firm, but he also created Western Governors University, named by TIME magazine as “the best relatively cheap university you’ve never heard of.” Those experiences give Leavitt a unique position: he understands both the government side and the business side of the equation.

Seniors housing and care executives’ jobs are not easy: they must operate while maintaining the delicate balance of caring for nation’s seniors and creating thriving businesses. Just like Leavitt, they must embrace innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship to adapt to seniors’ changing needs, especially as the baby boomers age. The boomers will not be easy to please, but by preparing today for tomorrow’s consumers, our sector will be better positioned than ever to address the demands of this evolving market.

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