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By: NIC  |  December 09, 2015

Smart Capital is the Best Capital: Meet Your Next Capital Provider

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Today’s capital market conditions are favorable: capital is relatively inexpensive and readily available. Looking ahead, what will happen if and when the capital markets change? A change in policy by the Federal Reserve has the potential to cause a sea of change for both lenders and borrowers as the cost of capital increases. Higher interest rates will change the economics of a transaction and may cause some investors and lenders to reconsider deals and opportunities.

Introduced in 2015, Capital Connections is a NIC-facilitated networking opportunity specifically designed  to foster meaningful interactions between Capital Seekers and a variety of Capital Providers who offer a range of financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of Capital Seekers. 

Responding to feedback from capital seekers, we’ve made a number of changes to enhance this networking session at the 2016 Spring Investment Forum. NIC has scheduled the Capital Connections session at the beginning of the conference.  There are no other sessions planned concurrently, so that attendees can take advantage of the opportunity to make connections leading to follow-up networking and further discussions during the conference. 

Capital Seekers (owners, managers, developers and operators of post-acute, long-term care and seniors housing properties) will have the opportunity to meet with and question select Capital Providers on the financing options available to address specific capital requirements. This event will take place in a lively, interactive and relaxed environment with facilitated introductions leading to meaningful networking. Here’s a sneak peek into the interactive experience and resources to help maximize the productivity of the session.


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