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By: NIC  |  April 20, 2021

Broadening the Stage for Seniors Housing & Care

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Facilitating new connections is a part of NIC’s mission. For many, that means networking at NIC events, such as the upcoming 2021 NIC Fall Conference, or engaging in one of NIC’s many virtual events, such as the highly popular NIC Leadership Huddle series, for live online discussions. For NIC Co-founder & Strategic Advisor Bob Kramer, it’s bigger than that. “When I stepped down as NIC CEO a few years ago, part of my new role, in addition to advising NIC, was to become a scout and an ambassador, identifying and reaching out to potential new partners for seniors housing and care,” Kramer explained. “I was tasked with educating and inspiring prospective new partners and collaborators to understand the potential of working with seniors housing and care – and to help our traditional audiences prepare and plan for the near future.”

Since that time, Kramer has been speaking to leaders beyond the senior living sector, educating them on the industry, and sharing his insights on what opportunities and challenges the future may hold. In addition to numerous boards and business groups, he has addressed some of the most important and influential organizations in healthcare, academia, technology, and regulatory policy. In recent months, Kramer has spoken at meetings hosted by the Milken Institute’s Center for the Future of Aging, the Urban Institute, the Brookings Institution, the Milbank Memorial Fund, the AARP Public Policy Institute, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and many more.

According to Kramer–and now to many of the new audiences he’s been engaging with–senior living, in its many forms, must adapt to a series of new market realities in order to survive and prosper. That’s where the need to make new connections arises. Kramer said, “Senior living will need to interact with healthcare partners and payers, policy makers, technology providers, academics, and others, in order to adapt and provide the products and services that both consumers and payers have already begun to demand.” But to do so will require a greater level of understanding of seniors housing and care, particularly amongst those not already familiar with the industry.

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