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By: NIC  |  July 15, 2022

NIC Leadership Huddle: Leading Through Change

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Chris Taylor Headshot Cut Out Color 1200x1200The senior housing and care sector is constantly evolving, but fresh industry, economic, and societal pressures force owners and operators to be nimbler than ever to thrive. On July 13, NIC hosted its final Leadership Huddle of 2022 – Chris Taylor, managing director of Capital One Healthcare Real Estate led the conversation between senior living experts Cindy Baier, CEO of Brookdale Living, and Kimberly Lody, CEO of Sonida Senior Living, to explore how leaders can navigate change and utilize it to improve their organizations.

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Baier and Lody are focused on ushering their companies through some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, including a tough labor market. “One of our top priorities is to attract, engage, develop, and retain the best workforce,” Baier said. As Sonida works to attract new staff, Lody explained, “it’s about leading through the inflationary pressures that are impacting everyone… understanding the pressures that people are faced with every single day.”Kim_Lody_Headshot_5.31.22

As organizations change and adapt, encouraging team members to embrace transformation by involving them in the process is critical. “I think that people are much more likely to embrace change if they’re a part of the solution,” Baier said. Lody agreed, adding that mapping and sharing goals can create a shared mission. “It [allows] people to embrace the concept and have ownership in it,” she said.

Baier_Cindy_photo_cut-outSpeaking broadly of leadership, Lody believes that a willingness to collaborate sets senior living apart from other industries. “There’s really not a moment of hesitation for people to raise their hand and say to you, ‘I’m happy to share with you what we’re doing.’” Baier sees the amount of passion among senior living leaders as a key differentiator. “It’s really the heart of people in this industry that I think is truly unique… how much people will sacrifice for others in this industry.”

Both speakers agreed that growing as a leader requires a constant pursuit of knowledge and a willingness to listen. “I’m really proud that Brookdale is a learning organization,” Baier said. “The day you stop learning is the day you stop adding value.” Lody relies on her board of directors and feedback from professional and personal relationships to continue growing as a leader, “I ask for feedback all the time… I think you can learn from everyone.”

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