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By: Jessica Pearce  |  March 31, 2022

NIC Skilled Nursing Boot Camp: Evaluating the Investment Landscape

Ideas and Discussion  |  Skilled Nursing

New to NIC’s professional development offerings, the Skilled Nursing Boot Camp: Evaluating the Investment Landscape course offers participants an in-depth perspective on how value is created in skilled nursing.

The course is designed for those new to the industry as well as those who wish to stay current on underwriting skilled nursing properties. It will orient participants to the nuances of skilled nursing. Participants will be able to understand the unique risks associated with skilled nursing and how they may be mitigated.

NIC will host a virtual Skilled Nursing Boot Camp: Evaluating the Investment Landscape course next month. The course will open on Thursday, April 28, with a live virtual class taking place on Thursday, May 5, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST.

Developed in conjunction with the NIC Future Leaders Council, the event is structured around a case study grounded in today’s reality that will expound on options from a property owner’s perspective. Participants will hear mock offers and pitches for consideration to determine if they should sell the property, hold the property, and/or retain a new operator.

Prior to and during the course, participants will receive an overview outlining skilled nursing industry trends, from both operators and investors, who will outline key factors for consideration. During the engaging 4-hour course itself, experts will detail approaches on how to analyze the decision.

Topics include:

    • Industry Overview
    • History of Growth in Skilled Nursing
    • Investment Considerations
    • Operational Considerations
    • Capital Market Structure

Course participants will work together in small virtual groups to discuss their prospective options and then collectively decide whether to sell, hold, and/or retain a new operator. Before the course concludes, the small groups will share their respective decisions and rationale with the other groups to gain additional perspectives.

The Skilled Nursing Boot Camp is currently open for registration.