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Got Actual Rates Data?

By: NIC  |  February 21, 2020

Scott Brinker, president and chief investment officer of Healthpeak, the nation’s third largest healthcare REIT, recently expressed frustration with the limitations of seniors housing data, that fails to provide insights into rate discounting. In Healthpeak’s fourth quarter, 2019 earnings call, Brinker said, “From where we sit today, occupancy across the sector is generally flat, which is certainly an improvement from where it’s been the past three years or four years. But too often, I think that occupancy is coming at the expense of discounting and incentives,

Market Trends  |  Senior Housing

Ground Break to Grand Opening: New Properties Today Are Taking Longer to Open Than in the Past

By: Beth Mace and Anne Standish  |  February 12, 2020

NIC has a virtual treasure trove of data related to the seniors housing and care sector that can provide insights into operations for both operators and investors. In the coming months, as we begin a new year and decade, NIC’s Analytics and Research Teams will provide such insights. This is a condensed version of NIC’s first Actionable Insight article, published in the February NIC Insider newsletter, and serves as a preview of more to come. As always, we appreciate feedback and commentary on this article as well as our monthly NIC Insider articles and our two frequently updated blogs—NIC Notes Blog and Senior Care Collaboration Blog.

Market Trends  |  Senior Housing

Uncovering Relationships Between Occupancy and Rent Growth in Assisted Living Property Markets

By: Lana Peck  |  January 31, 2020

In evaluating the attractiveness of a market for seniors housing investment or development, supply and demand metrics are fundamental data to examine, and layering on an assessment of rent growth and occupancy may provide additional insight. The following analysis shows the relationships between average occupancy rates and rent growth patterns for assisted living over a four-year timeframe—from 3Q 2015 through 3Q 2019—for the NIC MAP® 31 Primary Markets in aggregate—and then looks at the relative performance of individual markets.

Market Trends  |  Senior Housing

Headlines  Highlight Trends Reshaping Seniors Housing and Healthcare

By: NIC  |  January 28, 2020

Last year NIC launched, a website offering the latest information on seniors housing and care collaborations with the healthcare sector. Providing curated resources and news articles relevant to the new partnerships, innovations, and business deals that are reshaping America’s seniors housing and healthcare landscape, the site offers insights into the rapid evolution of senior care.