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Building an Engaged Workforce Leads to Significant Cost Savings

By: Jacquelyn Kung of Activated Insights and Brent Weil of Argentum  |  November 07, 2018

It's the open secret that leading operators have long known—an engaged workforce leads to success in other parts of operations, including key financial and performance metrics.

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October Jobless Rate Remains at Lowest Level Since 1969

By: Beth Mace  |  November 02, 2018

The unemployment rate held steady at 3.7% in October, which is the lowest rate since December 1969. The jobless rate remains well below the rate of what is generally believed to be the “natural rate of unemployment” of 4.5%, which suggests that there will be building pressure on wage rate growth.

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Apples to Apples: How have CCRC care segments performed since the recent market cycle peak compared to freestanding and combined care segments?

By: Lana Peck  |  October 24, 2018

Expanding on a recent blog post that detailed care segment performance in the Primary Markets since the most recent market cycle peak that was reached in the fourth quarter of 2014 for the seniors housing and care segments, this analysis goes a step further by considering the market fundamentals of segments within continuing care retirement communities (CCRC segments), compared to non-CCRC segments in freestanding or combined communities. Also referred to as life plan communities, CCRCs offer multiple care segments (at minimum independent living and nursing care) typically by a single provider on one campus, and this analysis breaks the segments apart from the CCRC community type that NIC includes under the main category of Seniors Housing.

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Five Key Takeaways from NIC’s Third Quarter 2018 Seniors Housing Data Release

By: Beth Mace  |  October 17, 2018

NIC MAP® Data Service clients attended a webinar in mid-October on the key seniors housing data trends during the third quarter of 2018. Key takeaways included the following: