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What Kind of Housing Do Baby Boomers Want? Ask Millennials.

By: Jane Adler  |  May 22, 2019

While the industry scratches its collective heads trying to figure out what baby boomers want in a senior living community, millennials are pointing the way.  

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Innovations that Work – NIC Lightning Talks Series

By: NIC  |  May 15, 2019

During the upcoming 2019 NIC Fall Conference, the “Innovations that Work” session will share ideas on innovative technologies and tools that are changing the way operators and investors care for residents. Rapid-fire, seven-minute presentations on five key topics will address real-world examples of innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the industry today.  

Seniors Housing

Vision 2025: Focused on Expanding the Workforce

By: Tom Mathisen  |  May 08, 2019

Safeguarding the overall health of the seniors housing and care industry well into the future is a well-publicized initiative. Nowhere is that more on display than the upcoming Vision 2025 event to be held in Chicago June 19-20. This event will host over 30 colleges and universities, more than 35 seniors housing and care operating companies and key trade associations and strategic partners within the industry. The goal of the event is to ensure the health and continuity of the industry through the identification (and development) of at least 25 robust university and college programs. 

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Health Affairs launches “The Forgotten Middle”

By: NIC  |  May 01, 2019

As Alan Weil, Health Affairs Editor-in-chief stated, “This is a pretty scary reality that’s coming towards us.” It was an appropriate sentiment, as the nation’s leading peer-reviewed health policy journal released a groundbreaking new study, commissioned and funded by NIC, and shared with the world its unsettling findings. Addressing a room full of media and policy makers, as well as hundreds of viewers on a live webcast, Weil introduced the study, titled “The Forgotten Middle: Many Middle-Income Seniors Will Have Insufficient Resources For Housing And Health Care,” and added that, “this is a topic that’s easy to set aside for other priorities, but hopefully it will yield additional discussions.”