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Holiday at Home With Mom

By: Mary Ann Donaghy  |  December 27, 2018

It’s the day after Christmas---a time when so many of us are taking a reprieve to enjoy family and friends. Some of us have loved ones who are living in the communities in which we operate, invest and provide services. We are all dedicated to providing an environment where residents, and often our family members, can thrive. In that spirit, this post is not about data, or industry news, or conferences. It’s a personal perspective about what it means to make lives more joyful, meaningful, and healthy for those living in our communities.

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Seniors Housing Penetration Rates: Variation over Time, Variation Across Metropolitan Markets

By: Beth Mace and Anne Standish  |  December 05, 2018

Penetration rates vary across markets and across time.  Some of the variation may be due to differing demand factors such as population and household growth and size, consumer preferences, familiarity and comfort with the product, changes in the composition of inventory, and cultural influences. This blog post explores some of this variation.

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Spring Keynote: Collaboration is not an Option

By: NIC  |  November 21, 2018

The 2019 NIC Spring Conference luncheon keynote talk will be delivered by bestselling author, consultant and futurist Ian Morrison. Morrison is an internationally known specialist in long-term forecasting and planning, with an emphasis on the changing business environment in healthcare. Known for his many books and articles on the changing healthcare system – and notorious for his Scottish wit – Morrison is ideally qualified to bring into focus the coming challenges and opportunities facing the seniors housing and care sector. 

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NIC MAP Releases New Features, Including Walk Score

By: NIC  |  November 14, 2018

As NIC MAP® Data Service clients know, NIC regularly adds new features to the client platform, often as a direct response to client requests, or as new data and analytical tools become available. NIC works hard to ensure developers, operators, investors, and other stakeholders, have access to the high-quality data they need from the best available time series market data to the latest market preference indicators.