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One Year Later: An Update on the Welltower-ProMedica Partnership

By: NIC  |  August 29, 2019

  Welltower’s Tom DeRosa discusses how the game-changing deal is taking real estate to the next level   In July 2018, a groundbreaking partnership provided further evidence of the industry’s quickly changing trajectory.

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Social Determinants of Health Frame New Partnership 

By: Jane Adler  |  August 13, 2019

Health isn’t just determined by eating right, staying fit and getting regular check-ups. Evidence is growing that other factors—the social determinants of health—have a huge impact on well–being and healthcare outcomes.  

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Mixed-Use Developments in Seniors Housing 

By: Andrew Lavinder  |  August 01, 2019

Mixed–use developments are a well-known concept in commercial real estate. However, incorporating seniors housing into a mixed–use development is somewhat of a new concept that is just starting to gain traction. Senior Housing News defines a mixed-use senior living development as “a senior living community that includes offerings that are open to both residents and members of the surrounding community”1. Mixed–use developments can take the form of a single building, a collection of buildings, or an entire neighborhood and can generally be classified into vertical, horizontal, and master plan communities: 

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Five Key Takeaways from NIC’s Second Quarter 2019 Seniors Housing Data Release

By: NIC  |  July 31, 2019

NIC MAP® Data Service clients attended a webinar in mid-July on the key seniors housing data trends during the second quarter of 2019.  Key takeaways included the following: