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The Latest CMS Actions Taken for the Coronavirus Crisis

By: Bill Kauffman  |  April 07, 2020

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have taken numerous actions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This blog is intended to capture the latest announcements from CMS. For prior CMS summaries please click here. The following are the latest summaries and links to CMS for further details.

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Potential New Source of Capital for Qualified Seniors Housing and Care Businesses

By: Bill Kauffman  |  April 03, 2020

The CARES Act establishes a new $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program As part of NIC’s mission to provide links between operators and sources of capital, one important new source of capital during this COVID-19 crisis is the Paycheck Protection Program from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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701,000 Jobs Lost in March, Presaging Further Losses Ahead

By: Beth Mace  |  April 03, 2020

The Labor Department reported that there were 701,000 jobs lost in March. This was the first decline in jobs after 113 consecutive months of job gains and heralds more losses in the months ahead as businesses shed jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Executive Survey Insights  | Wave 1, Week Ending March 31, 2020

By: NIC  |  April 03, 2020

A NIC report developed to provide timely insights from owners and C-suite operators on the pulse of seniors housing and skilled nursing sectors. This is the first in a series of findings from NIC’s weekly Executive Survey of operators in seniors housing and skilled nursing. This week’s sample includes responses collected March 24-31, 2020 from owners and C-suite executives of 180 seniors housing and skilled nursing operators from across the nation.