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By: Joelle Poe  |  March 14, 2024

AgeTech: Transforming Senior Living with Innovative Solutions


AgeTech, as it is defined, is the dynamic integration of technology that is tailored to meet the unique needs of our seniors. It is also reshaping the senior housing industry as we know it. A tech-infused approach is not only enhancing the overall well-being of our residents but is also addressing the challenges faced by caregivers and communities that provide services for our aging population.

An Enhanced Quality of Life

AgeTech solutions significantly contribute to improving seniors' overall well-being by addressing their health and lifestyle needs. The integration of smart home technologies and health monitoring solutions ensure safety for patients and provide valuable insights into changing resident needs. These technologies also often enhance quality and longevity of life within our communities.

The technological transformation happening in our communities not only attracts a broader range of residents, but it also enhances the living and working environment for team members who serve our seniors.

As it relates to senior care programming, health monitoring devices and wearable technology empower senior housing providers to offer personalized healthcare and wellness programs. Through data that these devices provide, predictive analytics can contribute to proactive and preventive care, enhancing overall health management and quality of care, and lifestyle for our residents.

The collection and analysis of data from AgeTech solutions can also provide valuable insights into residents' health, behavior, and preferences. Senior housing providers can make informed decisions regarding community management, personalized care plans, resource allocation, and the quality of care and services provided. Through this approach, communities can now differentiate themselves as quality and value-based providers.

Erin Maruzzella, the Executive Director of the Innovations in Aging Collaborative, emphasizes the importance of designing caring solutions for seniors, acknowledging the diversity among our aging populations. “We should be designing with seniors, not for seniors. The goal is to understand that every senior is unique, and solutions should be adaptable to individual needs.”

Given the challenges and opportunities, the following are key considerations when evaluating AgeTech solutions:

  1. Accessible features for the older adult consumer
  2. Consideration of cognitive demands required for utilization (e.g. simple navigation, minimalist design)
  3. Ability to leverage solutions for passive health monitoring
  4. Affordability
  5. Ability to overcome digital literacy barriers
  6. Data accessibility and integration with other solutions and platforms
  7. Overall ease of implementation for both the consumer and the operator


Solutions should be designed with the ultimate user, the senior, in mind, and vendors should be willing and able to share data in a usable format for communities. There are intermediate steps needed before technology can be fully utilized to ensure adoption and value creation, suggests Danny Kaplan, a gerontologist, co-founder, and general partner for Equitage, a soon-to-be launched venture capital fund that is focused on investing in AgeTech. “You should consider how much customer and user education is required. Specifically, do people need to be educated about the problem, or do they know the problem exists?”

AgeTech is not just a technological revolution, it is a compassionate and thoughtful approach to reshaping the senior housing industry. By fostering innovation, improving resident experiences, and addressing the evolving needs of the aging population, AgeTech paves the way for a future where senior living residents receive efficient, connected, and personalized care.

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Joelle serves as the CEO and founder of Centered Care, Inc, a healthcare analytics and services company for senior care. Prior to leading Centered Care, Joelle held several product management leadership positions at SkyPoint Cloud, Alignment Health and Cambia Health Solutions. Joelle has spent her career working to improve access to high-quality healthcare for underserved populations, such as veterans and seniors. Joelle holds an MBA from The University of Oregon and a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business from George Mason University. In addition to her work with Centered Care, she also serves as an advisor to several other early-stage health care startups. She is actively involved in mentorship for women in healthcare and in product and volunteers as a companion for hospice patients. In her free time, you can find Joelle enjoying the outdoors with her husband and dog near their home in Colorado.

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