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Capital Options Flourish - Fall Conference Spotlights Finance Markets

By: Jane Adler  |  October 25, 2019

Debt and equity capital is readily available for the right borrowers, according to panelists at the 2019 NIC Fall Conference. 

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Beyond Demographics: Factors that Impact Demand

By: Jane Adler  |  October 18, 2019

Supply follows demand. Or that’s how the thinking goes. So it makes sense that aging baby boomers—76 million Americans—represent a huge opportunity for the seniors housing industry. After all, they’ll need an age-appropriate place to live.

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Investor Summit Jump Starts Conversation for More Middle-Market Seniors Housing: A Three-Part Series

By: Jane Adler  |  July 03, 2019

  Part III—Operators Highlight Successful Approaches  As new research shows that the number of middle-income seniors is growing quickly, forward-looking seniors housing providers are already experimenting with new and more affordable models of housing and care. Innovative ideas include smaller building footprints, private-public partnerships, and efficient designs and staffing models.