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Smart Capital is the Best Capital: Meet Your Next Capital Provider

By: NIC  |  December 09, 2015

Today’s capital market conditions are favorable: capital is relatively inexpensive and readily available. Looking ahead, what will happen if and when the capital markets change? A change in policy by the Federal Reserve has the potential to cause a sea of change for both lenders and borrowers as the cost of capital increases. Higher interest rates will change the economics of a transaction and may cause some investors and lenders to reconsider deals and opportunities.

Economic Trends  |  Ideas and Discussion

Isolation, Segregation, Integration - The 10 Year Journey

By: NIC  |  November 25, 2015

The shift in ideals surrounding how Boomers wish to spend their golden years is drastically different from the ideals of their parents. To start Boomers reject the term “senior” they fear embracing this societal coined term for aging is a direct correlation to the loss of their independence. Boomers want to remain independent to make their own decisions, to live in a cross generational authentic community where their contributions are valued. In stark contrast, the previous generation is seemingly content living comfortably in a community with others in their age cohort, where meals and daily activities are pre-planned.

Economic Trends  |  Ideas and Discussion

How to Survive & Thrive in the Health Care Model Transition

By: NIC  |  November 18, 2015

With the fast-moving changes in the health care delivery and payment system, how can providers make the most of the coming opportunities and navigate challenges, not only to survive but thrive?

Economic Trends  |  Ideas and Discussion

Politics & Policy

By: NIC  |  November 11, 2015

Providing an insider’s view of politics as crucial primary elections approach, two members of the U.S. House of Representatives with experience in the seniors housing and care industry, and political commentator and author David Gergen, addressed the 25th NIC National Conference.