This month, NIC, in a strategic alliance with PointRight, is announcing the launch of quality metrics for the skilled nursing sector. This major expansion and enhancement within the NIC MAP® Data Service platform reflects NIC’s commitment to the skilled nursing sector and builds upon NIC’s present Skilled Nursing Data Report, which focuses on financial data.

Being in-network and having visibility into healthcare outcomes is becoming increasingly important in a value-based world. Providers and investors alike must understand how their skilled properties benchmark within their respective markets.

Some of the benchmarking that this data makes possible is not available anywhere else. It will enable operators and investors to better understand the performance of properties and markets when underwriting new deals, managing portfolios, developing strategies, competitive benchmarking, and gathering market intelligence.

New Solutions

NIC MAP users will now be able to include quality metrics data in their analysis, alongside NIC MAP data, such as market performance data, demographics, wage and employment data, hospital locations, and more.

CMS and its Five-Star rating system, while not the only source of quality measures, is an important source of data for determining eligibility for certain referrals. In addition to CMS, pioneering companies are accessing publicly-available data sets and applying their own proprietary algorithms to estimate various additional outcome metrics.

The following Quality Metrics reports are now available, according to subscription level, at the national, metropolitan, and property levels.  The metro level data is available exclusively through NIC MAP:

  • PointRight Pro 30® Adjusted Rehospitalization Rate
  • PointRight®Pro Long Stay Adjusted Hospitalization Rate
  • CMS Overall Five-Star Rating
  • CMS Survey Deficiencies (Property level only)

Why PointRight?

PointRight is an industry leader in analytics for post-acute and long-term care, specializing in data-driven quality metrics solutions. The PointRight Pro 30 scores are certified by the National Quality Forum, which means they have undergone considerable examination by a panel of experts. Furthermore, the metrics are endorsed by the American Health Care Association (AHCA).

Serving over 8,000 skilled nursing facilities, PointRight data provides investors, operators and payers the data they need to understand these facilities in terms of quality and performance. Data such as rehospitalization rates, CMS quality measures, and CMS Five-Star ratings, will now be seamlessly integrated into our NIC MAP product.