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By: Ray Braun  |  May 14, 2024

Focus Area Committees Aim to “Expand the Tent”

Active Adult  |  AgeTech  |  Capital for Operations  |  Partnering for Health  |  middle market

NIC’s Strategic Plan included objectives to “’expand the tent’ into five Focus Areas – selected by the NIC Board because of their increasing impact on the senior housing and care industry and the benefit of integrating subject matter expertise into the NIC ecosystem of offerings.  


Focus Area Committees (FACs) were created to support these efforts and include subject matter experts and industry experts in the five Focus Areas who will make recommendations for including the Focus Area in conference sessions; research, data, and analytics; and educational and training programs. 

The Active Adult Committee, led by Chair Mitch Brown and Vice Chair Jane Arthur-Roslovic, will explore the extension of senior living to this emerging product type.  

The AgeTech Committee, led by Chair Michael Kurliand and Vice Chair Abby Levy, will explore technology to facilitate senior living and senior housing operations. NIC’s focus is on technology improving operating and health outcomes.  

The Capital for Operations Committee, led by Chair Fee Stubblefield and Vice Chair Madisen Medley, will focus on any capital (debt or equity) use in senior housing that invests in or lends to an owner, operator, and/or management company, and is not secured by real estate.  

The Middle Market Committee, led by Chair Matt Ruark and Vice Chair Sophia Lukas, examines housing and care options for older Americans with too much income to qualify for government subsidies, but inadequate income for traditional senior housing and care. NIC will showcase successful middle market models.  

The Partnering for Health Committee, led by Chair Jim Lydiard and Vice Chair Joelle Poe, focuses on the intersection of health care and senior housing and care, and will examine value-based care and wellness in senior living.  


FAC volunteers recently kicked off their important work together in Annapolis, MD with a networking reception and dinner, a general session on NIC’s strategic objectives, and individual committee meetings to begin drafting their recommendations.   

The FAC volunteers have already impacted NIC’s future activities to advance our mission. NIC stakeholders can look forward to quality content, research, and educational offerings in each of the five Focus Areas soon. The work of each of the five Focus Areas will be highlighted in upcoming NIC Insider articles – stay tuned! 

Full committee member lists are available on