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By: NIC  |  January 04, 2024

MJ Ritschel, Chief Investment Officer, Kisco Senior Living, Sets the Stage as NIC Research Committee Chair

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Untitled design (2)-01“The role NIC plays is to be the unquestionable source of truth for all stakeholders regarding data and research about our senior population and for all avenues of senior care and support services here in the U.S.” 

MJ Ritschel, Chief Investment Officer, Kisco Senior Living 

In 2022 NIC released its five-year strategic plan and revised its committee structure to align with the five focus areas and needed implementation teams. In early 2024, NIC will launch a new Research Committee, led by Chairperson MJ Ritschel of Kisco Senior Living. We had a chance to talk with MJ and hear his thoughts about this important committee.   

NIC: What is the value of pulling together a research committee representing various constituent groups within the NIC ecosystem? 

Ritschel: While we have lots of talent within our industry, sometimes diversity of thought/representation from varied life and professional backgrounds is lacking but deserves a seat at the table (so to speak). I view it as unlocking that “secret sauce” that sometimes we don’t know that we need but when it shows up with a group of people called to action you realize its presence and usually it generates superior outcomes.  

NIC: Why did you agree to serve in the chairperson role?  

Ritschel: A fellow West Coast industry colleague and good friend Fee Stubblefield reached out to me about my level of interest to do more for NIC, beyond serving on the Operator Advisory Board (OAB). In raising my hand, I expressed an interest to become more involved in research initiatives, especially around seniors living in our communities. So, here I am!  

NIC: What are you hoping that the research committee can accomplish during your tenure as chairperson? 

Ritschel: Source, vet and move forward with another “grand research initiative” on the order of the Milken Institute collaboration announced in early November 2023. 

NIC: Is there any specific issue that you are particularly passionate about where the Research Committee can make an impact?  

Ritschel: I would like to see focus on more research wherein facts and data support the thesis that seniors from all economic segments can thrive and live longer and safer in a senior living congregate environment versus other living arrangements available to them.  

NIC: How will you define success of the Research Committee at the end of your tenure as chairperson? 

Ritschel: I grew up in a family contracting business, so I learned the importance of laying and building a strong foundation. As such, success for our committee will be how well we lay the foundation for the NIC research agenda (in alignment with the current strategic plan) so the next set of committee members and leaders can take this to the next level. 

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