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Ground Break to Grand Opening: New Properties Today Are Taking Longer to Open Than in the Past

By: Beth Mace and Anne Standish  |  February 12, 2020

NIC has a virtual treasure trove of data related to the seniors housing and care sector that can provide insights into operations for both operators and investors. In the coming months, as we begin a new year and decade, NIC’s Analytics and Research Teams will provide such insights. This is a condensed version of NIC’s first Actionable Insight article, published in the February NIC Insider newsletter, and serves as a preview of more to come. As always, we appreciate feedback and commentary on this article as well as our monthly NIC Insider articles and our two frequently updated blogs—NIC Notes Blog and Senior Care Collaboration Blog.

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Early Results Show Benefits of Healthcare Partnerships

By: Jane Adler  |  February 11, 2020

As the medical needs of residents grow increasingly complex, seniors housing owners and operators are forging more partnerships with healthcare providers and networks.

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225,000 Jobs Created in January, Above Consensus View

By: Beth Mace  |  February 07, 2020

The Labor Department reported that there were 225,000 jobs added in January. This was more than the consensus estimate of 165,000 and marked the 112th consecutive month of job gains. For all of 2019, average monthly gains were less at 175,000. For 2018, monthly gains averaged 193,000 and for 2017, monthly gains averaged 176,000. The latter data points were revised from prior estimates.

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Your Chance to Join the Disruption

By: NIC  |  February 05, 2020

Recent changes demonstrate that healthcare delivery and payment models have entered a period of disruption. While this may not yet be a top concern for everyone, many industry leaders have already begun to consider, and even embrace, the effects these changes will have on seniors housing and care.