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Issuance of New Construction Loans for Senior Housing Low in 4Q 2022

By: Omar Zahraoui and Bill Kauffman  |  May 10, 2023

NIC Analytics released the 4Q 2022 NIC Lending Trends Report today. The quarterly report, available complimentary to NIC constituents, includes data trends over six years for senior housing and nursing care construction loans, mini-perm/bridge loans, and permanent loans, from 3Q 2016 through 4Q 2022.

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Jobless Rate Slides Back to 3.4% in April

By: Beth Mace  |  May 05, 2023

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the unemployment rate slipped back to 3.4% in April from 3.5% in March. This places it at the same level as in January at 3.4%, which was its lowest level since 1969. It has been hovering in a narrow range for many months now and underscores the ongoing tightness of the labor market.

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Facing New Realities:  Higher Rates and Greater Borrower Scrutiny

By: Beth Mace  |  April 26, 2023

It’s now been a little over a year since the Federal Reserve began to increase interest rates to slow the pace of inflation and the rate of economic growth. The increase in rates has been large, and it has been fast. Short-term interest rates have gone from virtually 0% in March 2022 to 4.75% today, the most significant tightening in monetary policy since the 1980s, when then-Fed Chair Paul Volcker also increased rates to combat inflation and slow economic growth.

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Executive Survey Insights |  March 1 to 31, 2023

By: Ryan Brooks  |  April 13, 2023

“Respondents were asked what areas have been impacted by the rising interest rate environment. Recapitalizing properties was the area most reported to be affected by rising interest rates (51%), followed by the ability to purchase properties (36%). Across all care segments, less than one in ten operators (7%) indicate that the rising interest rate environment has impacted all these abilities.