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Does Pool Testing Provide a Way to Safely Test Senior Residents?

By: Ryan Brooks  |  December 11, 2020

Senior living providers eagerly await FDA approval of a COVID-19 vaccine and are preparing the logistical plans needed to ensure a fast and efficient process to vaccinate residents. In the meantime, robust testing remains the most effective strategy for protecting residents and staff from widespread infection. To better understand current testing strategies and how they have adapted over time, I spoke with Ed Ward, Vice President of Operations, Kisco Senior Living to learn more about their innovative testing program.

COVID-19  |  Seniors Housing  |  Skilled Nursing  |  healthcare

Update on the 2021 NIC Spring Conference

By: NIC  |  December 11, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year. The seniors housing and care sector was thrust into an adrenaline-fueled, 24/7 pitched battle to protect millions of America’s most vulnerable citizens from the deadly COVID-19 global pandemic. Leaders across the sector have been challenged by regulatory inconsistencies, sweeping changes in public policy, an intense media spotlight, evolving consumer attitudes, changes in healthcare delivery, the implementation of new technology, mental and physical health concerns of staff and residents, and uncertainty in capital markets – just to name a few.

COVID-19  |  Seniors Housing  |  Skilled Nursing  |  healthcare

The COVID Effect: Fall Conference Explores Strengthening Ties Between Healthcare & Housing

By: NIC  |  September 22, 2020

The question of whether senior living should include a healthcare component is no longer up for debate. The COVID crisis has shown in the most dramatic way possible that elderly residents not only need to be kept safe from infection, but also need access to reliable healthcare providers.

COVID-19  |  Seniors Housing  |  healthcare  |  senior care

Pandemic Strengthens Link Between Healthcare and Housing

By: NIC  |  July 09, 2020

Health system takes equity stake in senior living project