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Pandemic Strengthens Link Between Healthcare and Housing

By: NIC  |  July 09, 2020

Health system takes equity stake in senior living project

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New Solution Taps Healthcare Dollars to Fund On-Site Services

By: NIC  |  June 11, 2020

Pandemic underscores impact of social determinants of health Before the pandemic hit three months ago, one of the hottest industry topics was the social determinants of health. Recognition has been growing over the last several years that a huge amount of healthcare costs is driven by people’s lives outside of the doctor’s office. Factors such as food insecurity, isolation, and lack of access to services are just a few of the social elements that contribute to healthcare outcomes. A frail elder without social support is unlikely to manage the intricacies of a complex healthcare system.

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Pandemic Bolsters Long-Term Healthcare Trends

By: NIC  |  May 21, 2020

Healthcare trends emerging prior to the pandemic are now expected to accelerate as the impact of the disease outbreak unfolds.

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Headlines Digest: A New Normal is Forming

By: NIC  |  May 01, 2020

Today’s news, dominated every day by the COVID-19 pandemic, is often centered on the impact of this virus on seniors living in skilled nursing and seniors housing communities. While an ocean of print is lapping at every front page in the world, regulators and policy makers have rushed to enact new measures to protect frail elders, who are most susceptible to this disease. The resulting disruption that is occurring, and which we see reflected in every news outlet, will have a lasting impact on the sector.