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Value-Based Care: What's in It for Me?

By: NIC  |  March 29, 2021

The pandemic has thrust healthcare for seniors into the spotlight. The latest NIC Leadership Huddle event, titled, “Value-Based Care: What's in It for Me?” explored how operators and their partners are navigating what is likely to become a new normal: bringing healthcare to seniors where they live. The webinar and discussion explored the argument that–with or without COVID-19–every seniors housing organization must understand how providing access to healthcare services is now a part of their value proposition for both residents and investors.

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A New Age in Caregiver Training: Virtual Reality’s Immersive Experience

By: Ryan Brooks  |  March 23, 2021

Nestled among the many pain points of 2020 were a smattering of bright spots for the seniors housing and care industry. For one, the year ushered in a wave of innovative strategies to combat loneliness in the face of social distancing. Among the top strategies was the use of virtual reality – an area which saw a lot of growth and adoption among operators during the public health emergency. As I delved deeper into researching the topic, I learned that virtual reality – in addition to creating opportunities for socialization and stimulation – has been gaining traction as a staff training tool as well. Embodied Labs’ person-centered caregiver training, for example, provides immersive learning experiences that mimic many of the common conditions and life transitions that impact people as they age. These lab experiences cover vision and hearing loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, end-of-life conversations, cognitive decline, and LGBT and transgender health and aging. In each of these experiences, the trainee becomes the viewer, and assumes a first-person perspective of how older adults experience different aging challenges.

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Marketing Strategies: The Pandemic Pivot

By: NIC  |  December 15, 2020

Two educational sessions at NIC Fall Conference address the sales challenge. As an effective vaccine for COVID-19 rolls out, seniors housing operators and owners are hopeful that sales will get a big boost in early 2021. But until then, they still face a challenging marketing landscape as the virus continues to spread amid renewed lockdowns and restrictions. 

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Dramatic Moments: 30 Years of Investment in Seniors Housing and Care Part 3

By: NIC  |  December 02, 2020

In “Dramatic Moments in History: Another Period of Disruption,” Kurt Read, Chair of the Board of Directors, NIC; and Principal, RSF Partners; provided attendees of the 2020 NIC Fall Conference with a review of the seniors housing and care industry’s performance characteristics since NIC was founded in 1991. This is the third and final post in our blogging series that provide the key takeaways from that session which reviewed the past 30 years of investment in seniors housing and care. In this post, we touch upon NIC’s role through those years, and look to the years ahead, with thoughts from a new generation of leaders sitting on NIC’s Future Leaders Council.