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Executive Survey Insights Wave 50: February 1 to 28, 2023

By: Ryan Brooks  |  March 10, 2023

“In a new question to the ESI, respondents were asked what areas have been impacted by the rising interest rate environment. Purchasing properties was the area most reported to be affected by rising interest rates, followed by the ability to recapitalize properties. Across all care segments, one in twelve operators (8%) indicate that their abilities to purchase, sell, and recapitalize properties have all been impacted by the rising interest rate environment. 

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Inventory Slowdowns, Senior Housing Stabilized Occupancy Increased

By: Omar Zahraoui  |  March 09, 2023

The senior housing stabilized occupancy rate for the NIC MAP Primary Markets edged up to 84.3% in the February 2023 reporting period, up 0.2 percentage point (pps) from the January 2023 reporting period on three-month rolling basis, according to intra-quarterly NIC MAP® data, released by NIC MAP Vision. From its pandemic record low of 80.3% in June 2021, senior housing stabilized occupancy increased by 4.0pps but remained 5.1pps below pre-pandemic March 2020 levels of 89.4%.

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Exploring the Interplay Between Inflation, Rate Growth, Demand and Occupancy in Senior Housing

By: Beth Mace and Omar Zahraoui  |  March 09, 2023

 An In-Depth Analysis of NIC MAP Vision Actual Rates Data Executive Summary  Through this in-depth analysis, we hope to shine a spotlight on the relationship between inflation, the pace of growth seen in-place actual rates, demand and occupancy. Actual in-place rates refer to effective rates or the rates that are “actually being paid” to live in senior housing. This is often not the same as the asking or listing rate that may be advertised or listed in a brochure. 

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Are Seniors Better Together? The Effect of Housing Status on Excess Mortality During COVID-19

By: Ryan Brooks  |  March 01, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for older adults in the U.S., particularly those with existing chronic medical conditions and complex health care needs. Many of the individuals most impacted by COVID-19 reside in nursing homes, a setting that accounted for at least 25% of all COVID-19 deaths. This setting is often conflated with senior housing, even though they are distinct care settings and serve different, although at times overlapping, populations.